Hong Kong Business Ethics Development Centre

Business ethics as the first line of defense against corruption and fraud

Maintaining a level playing field for businesses is vital to Hong Kong. To this end, the Community Relations Department of ICAC established the Hong Kong Business Ethics Development Centre (the Centre). The Centre serves as a long term and sustainable platform for cooperating with the business sector to promote business and professional ethics in Hong Kong. It encourages companies to practise ethical governance as the first line of defence against corruption and fraud.

Services of the Centre include:

Our service targets range from small and medium enterprises to listed companies, from frontline staff to board directors, from trades that concern people’s daily livelihood to professional sectors which are guardians of good governance for corporations.

You are invited to visit the Centre’s website for materials on business ethics, including practical guides, case studies, audio-visual training resources, etc. If your company is interested in the corporate ethics programme or the Centre’s service, please contact us via email or hotline 2587 9812.

Hong Kong Business Ethics Development Centre
Hong Kong Business Ethics Development Centre

Corruption Prevention Advisory Service (CPAS)

~ Prevention is smarter than cure, and cheaper too. ~

One of the statutory duties of the ICAC is to advise private organisations/companies (including listed companies, small and medium enterprises, non-governmental organizations, etc.) or any persons on ways to prevent corruption. The CPAS is a specialized unit in the Corruption Prevention Department of the ICAC dedicated to providing this service.

Our services include:

Rest assured that your enquiries and requests will be handled in strict confidence, and our services are free of charge.

If you wish to know more about CPAS or are interested in our service, please visit our website here or call our CPAS hotline.