The Community Relations Department makes broad use of the mass and new media to enhance ICAC's transparency and publicises anti-corruption messages to different segments of the society.

Various media platforms to spread anti-corruption messages and publicise the work of the ICAC:


ICAC Main Website
  • Main Website is in place to provide the public with the latest news of the Commission, information on corruption prevention, and access to the ICAC audio-visual products and other publications.



Website for Teenagers
  • Website for Teenagers: the ICAC instils a sense of integrity in the daily lives of youngsters through ICAC knowledge, online games, animation and comics in the youth website "iTeen Camp" (in Chinese only).

Dedicated Page on Social Networking Websites:



'Hong Kong ICAC' Facebook Fanpage



'Greedy Kin' Instagram account
  • Greedy Kin, a lazy and greedy sloth, is an icon for ICAC's Instagram account. It arouses resonance amongst youngsters with hot topics in daily lives. From its bad examples, our young target audience could reflect upon their behaviours, make self-examination and build positive values.


ICAC Drama Weibo
  • The ICAC Drama Weibo (in Chinese only) tweets about integrity-related issues to educate the general public on the evils of corruption.