United Nations Convention against Corruption

Corruption has become increasingly cross-boundary in nature. International cooperation is hence of paramount importance in graft fighting. In addition to making relentless efforts to sustain our work, the ICAC has leveraged its anti-corruption experience and wide international network to contribute to the global anti-corruption community.

The Central People's Government has designated the ICAC as the authority to assist other signatories to the United Nations Convention against Corruption in building up their capacity in combating corruption. In fulfilling the obligation, the ICAC has strengthened collaboration with and offered capacity building programmes to anti-corruption agencies in other jurisdictions under the framework of the Convention.

Exchange with Global Stakeholders

Experience sharing with regional and international anti-corruption organisations is instrumental in facilitating better understanding of the latest corruption trend and anti-corruption strategies in a global context, strengthening mutual ties and fostering collaboration to win the war on corruption. ICAC is an active member of the international anti-corruption community, including the International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities (IAACA), Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation - Anti-Corruption and Transparency Experts' Working GroupADB/OECD Anti-Corruption Initiative for Asia-Pacific, and the Economic Crime Agencies Network, and has also conducted meetings, seminars and conferences with local, overseas and the Mainland of China scholars on various anti-corruption related issues, including comparison of anti-corruption legislation and institutions, collaborative governance and integrity management, and the development and management of anti-corruption systems in Hong Kong and the Mainland of China.

Meetings with mainland scholars to exchange views on anti-corruption development in the Mainland of China and Hong Kong

Capacity Building Programme

ICAC has been actively providing tailored capacity building programmes to and sharing experience with anti-corruption agencies (ACAs) in different continents on fighting and preventing corruption. ICAC also maintains close dialogues with international anti-corruption networks with a view to achieving synergies in the anti-corruption mission.

Since 2017, we have reached over 1 100 graft-fighters of 23 countries and discussed training collaboration with ACAs from 68 countries in Asia, Europe and Africa.

Training Collaboration around the Globe

Capacity building programme with an overseas anti-corruption agency

The ICAC would send experienced officers to:

Flowchart of Collaboration

Training Modules

Capitalising on the effective ICAC model, capacity building programmes are drawn up based on the three-pronged strategy:

Training Modules

The depth and sophistication of the training modules will be tailored to suit the training needs of ACAs. The programmes may include professional topics, financial investigation, asset recovery, public procurement, use of social media, youth engagement, etc. Site visits and visits to ICAC's facilities may be arranged for programmes conducted in Hong Kong.

Contact: international@icd.icac.org.hk

Highlights of Past Collaborations

Past Events


ICAC introduced online investigative training module and actively initiated meeting with anti-corruption authorities around the world to advance collaboration.

ICAC officers offering online investigative training module to overseas anti-corruption authorities
Participation in the Intersessional Meeting of Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption
Bilateral meeting with the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau of Singapore to discuss further collaboration
Meeting with Secretary General of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation to strengthen anti-corruption cooperation
Bilateral meeting with Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority of United Arab Emirates to exchange views on anti-corruption work
ICAC discussing future collaboration with international agencies
ICAC Commissioner speaking in Regional Anti-Corruption Conference for Law Enforcement Professionals in Southeast Asia


As the coronavirus pandemic remained serious, ICAC continued to offer online capacity building programmes and share Hong Kong's anti-corruption experience with anti-corruption agencies around the world. During the year, ICAC also conducted online training programmes in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development - Anti-Corruption Initiative for Asia-Pacific for the first time, reaching out to over 1,000 graft-fighters of different countries.

Speakers of ICAC and other anti-corruption officers having a discussion on the field of public procurement and social education
ICAC offering online training on preventing corruption to overseas anti-corruption authorities


To cope with worldwide travel restrictions caused by coronavirus pandemic, the ICAC has promptly offered online capacity building programmes to our counterparts. Topical sessions on the theme of "Preventing Corruption in a Cost-Effective Way" has been launched since September 2020.

ICAC speakers sharing their experiences on systemic prevention and community education with over 30 colleagues of the Anti-Corruption General Directorate of Romania


To fulfil the obligation under the United Nations Convention against Corruption, the ICAC spared no efforts in rendering assistance to anti-corruption agencies to enhance their anti-corruption capacity. Dialogues with over 50 countries has been initiated.

Officers of the Government Inspectorate of Vietnam visiting the Exhibition Hall of the ICAC to learn about its anti-corruption milestones and history
Delegation of the Independent Authority Against Corruption of Mongolia visiting an ICAC regional office to know more about the community education work of the district level
Young prosecutors of the Attorney General's Office of Indonesia visiting the mock court facilities at the ICAC Training School
IAACA-ICAC Joint Training Programme


With the establishment of the ICAC's International Liaison and Training Group comprising officers from the Operations Department, Corruption Prevention Department and Community Relations Department, international anti-corruption capacity building programmes to overseas anti-corruption agencies including those along the Belt and Road were in full swing.

High level exchange with the Consular Corps in Hong Kong in February 2018 to introduce ICAC's initiative of capacity building programmes
ICAC officer briefing the delegation of Bureau Indépendant Anti-Corruption of Madagascar about the ICAC landmark cases at the ICAC Exhibition Hall
Delegations of the ICAC conducting its first outreach programme on anti-corruption publicity and community education at Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar


Starting from 2017, the ICAC deployed officers to conduct study visit to overseas anti-corruption agencies and explore training collaborations. During outreach activities, various issues such as the political and social environment, the corruption situation, the anti-corruption policies and initiatives as well as the facilities of the ACAs were studied.

ICAC veteran meeting with officers of the Anti-Corruption Commission in Dili, Timor-Leste