Corruption Prevention Advisory Service (CPAS)

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Corruption Prevention Advisory Service

One of the statutory duties of the Corruption Prevention Department of the ICAC is to advise private sector entities on ways to prevent corruption. The CPAS established in the Corruption Prevention Department provides this service.

CPAS Hotline: 2526 6363


CPAS Pamphlet (in PDF)
CPAS Pamphlet

Since 1985, CPAS has provided advice to more than 7,000 private organizations of various trades and industries, ranging from small and medium enterprises to multinational corporations, as well as non-profit organizations.

Our mission is to help companies and private organizations strengthen and continually improve their systems, procedures and controls for the prevention of corruption and related malpractice.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Q : Is there any risk that confidential business information can be compromised when using the CPAS services? Answer

Advisory Services for Industry/Trade

Our services are provided free of charge and in strict confidence.

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Advisory Service Hotline

Corruption Prevention Advisory Service:

Phone 2526 6363


We pledge to respond to your request within two working days.

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