The Centre of Anti-Corruption Studies and International Training (CACSIT), formerly known as the Centre of Anti-Corruption Studies, is a research arm of the International Cooperation Branch (ICB) of the ICAC. The CACSIT:


Exchanges with Scholars

The CACSIT has conducted seminars and conferences with local, overseas and Mainland scholars on various anti-corruption related issues, including comparison of anti-corruption legislation and institutions, collaborative governance and integrity management, and the development and management of anti-corruption systems in Hong Kong and the Mainland. The CACSIT welcomes proposals for scholarly collaboration.


CACSIT Library

Located in the ICAC Building, the CACSIT's library has a wide collection of anti-corruption, legal and governance related books and literatures. Interested parties in the field of anti-corruption research are welcome to visit the library by making appointment with us.

CACSIT Library