ICAC chief visits Shanghai and encourages officers to cement anti-graft ties between the two places


ICAC Commissioner Woo ying-ming, who has commenced a three-day duty visit to the supervisory body in Shanghai and to attend the opening ceremony of a National Studies Course for senior ICAC officers. He encouraged colleagues to keep up with the country’s latest development and to contribute to the country’s and Hong Kong’s anti-corruption work.

Woo arrived in Shanghai on Saturday (June 15) and met with major officials of the Shanghai Municipal Supervision Commission to brief them on Hong Kong’s latest anti-corruption initiatives, including the Hong Kong International Academy Against Corruption (HKIAAC) established early this year, as well as the new “tripartite partnership” anti-corruption strategy combining the advantages of the ICAC, HKIAAC and the International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities. Both parties also explored strengthening long-term cooperation in the fight against corruption.

This morning (June 16) arrangements were made for Woo to visit anti-corruption education facilities in Shanghai to learn first-hand the country’s latest graft-fighting work and probity development.

On Monday (June 17), Woo will attend the opening ceremony of the National Studies Course participated by 31 senior ICAC officers.

Woo noted that over the years cooperation between the ICAC and Mainland anti-graft authorities remained very close. As the partnership would only become stronger in future, ICAC officers should strive to enhance their professionalism and explore how they could connect anti-corruption work of the two places and contribute to the country and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Accompanying Woo on his duty visit are Director of Investigation (Private Sector) Choi Shu-keung, Chief Investigator Jalen Cheung Chun-hong and Senior Investigator Horace Wong Hiu-keung. They will return to Hong Kong on Monday.

ICAC Commissioner Woo Ying-ming meets with Deputy Secretary of Shanghai Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection cum Vice Chairman of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Supervision Shi Tao.
ICAC Commissioner Woo Ying-ming visits anti-corruption education facilities in Shanghai.
Thirty-one senior ICAC officers attend the National Studies Course in Shanghai.
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