Guide to Reporting Corruption

Report if you have reasonable doubt

Full evidence is not required when lodging a complaint. Complainants only need to state the known facts of the suspected corruption case. Duty officers in the ICAC Report Centre or ICAC Regional Offices will follow up cases according to the information provided.

Complaint kept in strict confidence

The ICAC handles all complaints in strict confidence according to elaborate procedures to protect the complainants' identity and content of the complaint. Only designated officers have access to the information on a 'need-to-know' basis.

Non-anonymous complaint far more effective

The ICAC encourages reports made in person to give more detailed and accurate information that is crucial to effective follow-up and investigation. Where appropriate, we will inform the complainant of the investigation outcome. In recent years, more than 70% of reports have been made in person, leading to more successful investigations. In general, only about 10% of anonymous reports can be followed up by the ICAC.

Quick and simple reporting procedures

Making a report is very simple: there's no need to make an appointment or fill in forms. Simply contact the 24-hour Report Centre or any ICAC regional offices and make a report to the Duty Officer. For security reasons, you must NOT report corruption or discuss any investigation related matters by email, fax or through this website.

Report Corruption Checklist

You can lodge a complaint even without full information.

Frequently Asked Questions