Apart from prosecutions, the ICAC investigations may result in cautions and referrals to government departments. Cautions are administered to adults who made full admissions of the offences in minor cases that the Secretary for Justice considers not to be in the public interest to prosecute. The ICAC also refers cases of misconduct or malpractice of government officers to government departments for consideration of disciplinary or administrative action.

Prosecutions excluding election complaints

  Jan - Jun 2021 Jan - Jun 2022 Percentage Change
Persons Prosecuted 97 101 +4%
Completed Prosecutions 83 61 -27%
Persons Convicted 55 45 -18%
Persons Cautioned 25 7 -72%
Government servants recommended for disciplinary / administrative action 27 70 +159%

Note: The indicators do not include election cases in order to provide a more accurate indication of general corruption trends.