Business Ethical Management and Staff Integrity

The Hong Kong Business Ethics Development Centre produces tailor-made practical guides and training packages for practitioners of different trades and industries. In addition to the anti-corruption law in Hong Kong, these publications and resources address the ethical issues faced by businessmen and professionals and help them prevent corruption; as well as enhance ethical management and staff integrity of business organisations. Please visit the Centre’s website for the preventive education publications and resources.


Corruption Prevention Best Practices and Training Resources

The Corruption Prevention Department has developed a wide range of corruption prevention guides, tools, best practice checklists and training resources for private sector companies and public corporations on how to plug corruption loopholes. Please click here for details.

Private organisations could also contact our CPAS Hotline at 2526 6363 for tailor-made services. To know more about CPAS, please click here.

We are your consultants on internal controls for minimizing corruption risks.