Business Sector – Corporate Ethics Programme

Corruption, fraud and other malpractices erode the profits of your company, increase its operating costs and tarnish its reputation. Building up an ethical corporate culture through implementing a corporate ethics programme is not only the first line of defence against corruption and fraud, but can also enhance your company’s profits and productivity through trust, goodwill and loyalty from customers, suppliers and employees.

A corporate ethics programme comprises the three basic components: setting one ethical standard for directors and all levels of staff to follow; providing integrity training for staff to enhance their ethical awareness and knowledge on anti-corruption law; strengthening system control to prevent corruption and fraud. The Hong Kong Business Ethics Development Centre (the Centre) under the Community Relations Department offers a full range of free consultancy services to help companies implement corporate ethics programme:

If your company is interested in the corporate ethics programme, please contact the Centre via email or hotline 2587 9812.

Business Sector – Corporate Ethics Programme1
Business Sector – Corporate Ethics Programme2