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International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities (IAACA)
IAACA Newsletter

Inauguration of the new term of the Executive Committee

Commissioner Peh (ICAC, Hong Kong, China) elected President

In the General Meeting held on 5 January 2022, Mr Simon Peh, Commissioner of the Independent Commission Against Corruption, Hong Kong, China (Hong Kong ICAC), was elected the President for the new three-year term (2022-2024).

"I am deeply grateful to the Central People's Government and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government for supporting me in taking up the presidency of the IAACA. It demonstrates the unwavering commitment of the Hong Kong ICAC to contributing to the global anti-corruption cause. I also wish to express my gratitude to all IAACA members for their backing and trust. We will work closely together in the next three years to sustain IAACA's existing programmes, implement new initiatives and chart a clear way forward for the Association." Mr Peh remarked.


New Term of Executive Committee

The new term of the IAACA Executive Committee (ExCo) was appointed by the General Meeting held on 5 January 2022. It consists of a President, four Vice-Presidents, 14 Organisational and Honorary Members, two Advisers and an Observer.

IAACA Executive Committee (2022-2024)

IAACA Executive Committee (2022-2024)


IAACA - The Way Forward

President Peh is set to steer IAACA towards three main goals:

Foster members' communication and collaboration through the Regional Coordination Mechanism

  • Categorise members under five regional groups, each led by a Regional Coordinator
  • Each regional group to devise and implement their own initiatives to promote networking and collaboration among members
  • Publish a newsletter by the Secretariat regularly to report IAACA's activities, recent work of the regional groups and updates

Enhance IAACA's involvement in the international community

  • Establish closer working relationships with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), international and regional organisations as well as anti-corruption experts around the world
  • Strengthen IAACA's presence in the international arena by joining, speaking in or co-organising international conferences and seminars

Strengthen the Secretariat support to IAACA

  • Provide necessary support to the operation of IAACA
  • Enhance maintenance of information of existing and potential members to facilitate IAACA's future projects and expansion
  • Revamp the IAACA website to provide members and external parties with the latest updates on IAACA

The ultimate aim is to strengthen IAACA's role as the focal point of international anti-corruption collaboration, and to enable IAACA to take centre stage of the international anti-corruption mission.


Regional Coordination Mechanism

To extend our reach to all anti-corruption agencies in different parts of the world in a systematic and coordinated approach, a new regional coordination mechanism has been introduced. Under this mechanism, member organisations are categorised under five regional groups with reference to the United Nations Regional Groups of Member States, each led by a Regional Coordinator.

Regional Coordination Mechanism

Regional Coordinators
African States

Adv. JL Andy Mothibi
Vice President of IAACA
Head and Chief Executive of Special Investigating Unit,
South Africa

Asia-Pacific States

Mr Simon Peh
President of IAACA
Commissioner of ICAC,
Hong Kong, China

Eastern European States

H.E. Mr Fikrat Mammadov
Vice President of IAACA
Minister of Justice
Ministry of Justice,
Azerbaijan Republic

Latin American and Caribbean States

Mr Jorge Bermúdez Soto
Vice President of IAACA
Comptroller General Office,

Western European and other States

Mr Charles Duchaine
Vice President of IAACA
French Anti-Corruption Agency,

The President and four Vice-Presidents will take up the role of Regional Coordinators to devise and implement initiatives to promote networking and collaboration among members through regional training programmes, capacity building activities and regular meetings.


Appointment of New Secretary-General

Appointment of New Secretary-General

Ms Sally Kwan, Director of International Cooperation and Corporate Services of Hong Kong ICAC was appointed as the Secretary-General at the 1st ExCo meeting held immediately after the General Meeting on 5 January 2022. Ms Kwan pledged to give her best to provide full support to the President, ExCo and IAACA, together with a team of dedicated and experienced staff of the Secretariat.


New Term of Training Committee

Set up in 2017 with the objective to propose, oversee and evaluate training-related activities, the IAACA Training Committee co-hosted two international training programmes with the Hong Kong ICAC in 2019 and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission in 2021 respectively:

Hong Kong - 2019
Hong Kong - 2019
Malaysia (online) - 2021
Malaysia (online) - 2021

With the completion of the previous term, the ExCo appointed a new term of the Training Committee at its 1st meeting held on 5 January 2022.


  • Mr Simon Peh, President of IAACA and Commissioner of Independent Commission Against Corruption, Hong Kong China

Organisational Members

  • Central Vigilance Commission, India
  • Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, Malaysia
  • Independent Commission Against Corruption, Mauritius
  • National Authority for Probity, Prevention and Fight Against Corruption, Morocco
  • International Anti-Corruption Academy
  • Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Center, Qatar
  • United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime


  • IAACA Secretariat


Together We Build a Corruption-free World

IAACA and its members have been dedicating themselves to preventing and combating corruption on international, regional and national platforms. To achieve the common goal in advancing the fight against corruption across the globe, we need your support and participation. You are welcome to give suggestions to the Secretariat on the work of IAACA.

Please contact the Secretariat for any change of your membership information.

International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities (IAACA)
IAACA Secretariat