At this point, a prima facie case was established, but the
Police were still unable to prove that Godber's wealth was
amassed through illegal means. Nevertheless, the Police
decided there was no point in delaying any longer as Godber
was planning to leave Hong Kong soon for his retirement. They applied to the Commissioner of Police to suspend Godber from duty pending further investigation. And, on the advice of the Attorney-General, they cited Section 10 of the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance for the first time to require Godber to explain, within a week, where his financial resources had come from. On the day Godber was informed of the probe into his financial position, investigators searched Godber's quarters and car, resulting in the seizure of three plastic writing cases, suspected of being "bribe money logbooks", a large number of documents relating to his finances and two boxes containing dozens of silver bars.