About the ICAC Club
ICAC Club - Together We Uphold a Clean Society
About the ICAC Club
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About the ICAC Club

(i) Objective

About the ICAC Club
  • Established in 1997, the ICAC Club aims at encouraging Hong Kong citizens to actively join integrity promotion activities, thoroughly understand work of the ICAC, and directly help disseminating anti-corruption messages, so as to maintain a clean, fair, stable and prosperous society together. The ICAC Club currently has over 2,600 members.
  • To enhance the engagement of young people, a Youth Chapter was set up under the ICAC Club in May 2017. As a start, partnership with the Vocational Training Council has been established to recruit its students as members who have initiated school projects on integrity themes in different formats. So far, about 750 students have been recruited. All ICAC Club members, aged 35 or below, are also members of Youth Chapter. The membership is currently up to about 1,400.

(ii) Eligibility

About the ICAC Club
  • Hong Kong citizens who are 12 years old or above and interested in assisting integrity promotion work.

(iii) Responsibility

About the ICAC Club
  • Abide by the law, support the ICAC
  • Uphold the good reputation of ICAC Club
  • Understand the meaning of corruption and its evils
  • Committed to promote anti-corruption messages
  • Actively participate in probity promotion activities
  • Encourage citizens to report corruption

(iv) Multi-faceted participation

Assisting in integrity promotion

  • Serve as volunteers in ICAC probity promotion activities
  • Assist in designing, planning and implementing anti-corruption activities and partake in performances, etc.

Joining activities

  • Join various activities organised for members, e.g. orientation programme, annual gathering and award presentation ceremony, exchange voluntary work experience and understand work of the ICAC
  • Attend training sessions to learn more about anti-corruption laws and skills for organising preventive education activities


  • Acquire the latest information about the ICAC through the Club's Newsletters, a dedicated website and a corner in ICAC smartphone app
  • Contribute views on the ICAC Club or work of the ICAC

(v) Award Scheme

To encourage Club members to render their support in integrity promotion, the following awards are presented according to their service hours:
Long Service Award Having been a Club member for 5 years and the cumulative service hours reached 100 hours in the past 5 years.
Most Enthusiastic Service Award The highest total service hours of the year among all members of the ICAC Regional Office the Club member belongs to.
Gold Service Award The cumulative service hours reached 50 in the year.
Silver Service Award The cumulative service hours reached 20 in the year.
Service Certificate The Club member has served as a volunteer in any integrity promotion activity held in the year.
Club Member Involvement Project Certificate The Club member has designed, planned and conducted an integrity promotion project through his/her network in the year.