Moral education for youth has always been one of the priorities of the ICAC’s preventive education work. An array of integrity programmes are provided for young people at different educational stages as well as after graduation, to enhance their understanding of and enlist their support for the anti-corruption work of Hong Kong.

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ICAC Ambassador Programme

To encourage tertiary students to engage in the promotion of integrity, the ICAC has launched an “ICAC Ambassador Programme” in collaboration with the tertiary institutions to mobilise tertiary students to organise on-campus integrity activities. Students who are interested in joining the Programme may contact the Student Affairs Office of their respective institutions.


To strengthen the network among ICAC Ambassadors from different tertiary institutions, an "i-League" for tertiary students has been set up to reinforce exchanges among them and to appeal for their sustained partnership with the ICAC in the fight against corruption. (Web page in Chinese Only)

iTeen Leadership Programme for Senior Secondary School Students

iTeen leaders are students of senior secondary level nominated by teachers to help organise integrity promotion activities in schools. The Programme could be counted as “Other Learning Experiences”, a requirement under the New Senior Secondary Curriculum. Students may record their learning experience and reflections acquired from this Programme in the Student Learning Profile.

ICAC Club - Youth Chapter

In order to enhance the engagement of young people in preventive education programme, ICAC Club launched the Youth Chapter in 2016/17. Youngsters are invited to take the lead in organising probity projects to disseminate integrity messages in schools and the community. Please click here to learn more of the programme.

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ICAC Interactive Drama ICAC Interactive Drama

To convey probity and integrity messages to senior secondary school students, ICAC Interactive Dramas are conducted in an interesting approach to highlight the evils of corruption and major points of Prevention of Bribery Ordinance, and to inspire students to make lawful, fair and reasonable decisions when facing ethical dilemmas. Teachers who wish to arrange interactive drama performances in their schools may contact the ICAC Regional Offices.

iTeen Camp

iTeen Camp” is a thematic website to promote positive values among children and tennagers. Ways to apply integrity values in the daily lives of youngsters will be shown through ICAC trivia quizzes, online games, animation and comics.

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