Hong Kong has been consistently ranked as one of the least corrupt places in the world.

Corruption-related international surveys have been important references for the ICAC to understand bribery risk in Hong Kong as well as in other places as seen from the perspective of international ranking agency.

Over the years, Hong Kong has consistently remained in the band of the top 20 jurisdictions with very low level of corruption in the world in Corruption Perceptions Index, the Rule of Law Index, World Competitiveness Yearbook, Worldwide Governance Indicators, and Perceptions of Corruption in Asia, the US and Australia.

To contribute to the global development of anti-corruption strategies, the ICAC

Centre of Anti-Corruption Studies

The Centre of Anti-Corruption Studies (CACS), formerly known as the Centre of Anti-Corruption Studies and International Training, is a research arm of the International Cooperation Branch of the ICAC. The CACS:

CACS houses a broad collection of books and publications related to Common Law, Mainland China and Hong Kong law and corruption. There are also publications and relevant materials for reference of persons conducting academic research.