Reference Materials

Clean District Council Election Information Booklet
Clean District Council Election Information Booklet (Coming Soon)

To help candidates and election agents better understand the Elections (Corrupt and Illegal Conduct) Ordinance (ECICO), the ICAC has produced a "Clean District Council Election Information Booklet" (the "Booklet") for their reference. Through the arrangement of the Registration and Electoral Office, each candidate will receive a copy of the Booklet when submitting the nomination form.

The Booklet consists of the following four parts:

(1) Questions and Answers – spells out the spirit of the law and its application to election situations;
(2) Gist of Past Election Cases – features the gist of some ECICO cases in past elections;
(3) Dos and Don'ts Checklist – states what candidates and election helpers should take note of in the process of running an election; and
(4) Channels for Reports and Enquiries – provides the channels for making reports and enquiries to the ICAC
Guidelines for Electors
Guidelines for Electors (Coming Soon)

The "Guidelines for Electors" leaflet contains major points-to-note of the ECICO to remind electors to abide by the rules and support clean elections. The leaflet will be sent to electors of the District Council Election together with the polling notice.

Checklist for Candidates
Checklist for Candidates

The ICAC has also produced a "Checklist" to remind candidates and election helpers on what they should take note of in the process of running in an election.