Advertisement and Video

TV and Radio Advertisements

TV and radio advertisements with the theme of "Say No to Electoral Bribes, for Yourself and Hong Kong" will be launched to enlist electors' support to uphold a clean election culture and to remind electors to refuse electoral bribery.

Please click to listen radio advertisements:

English version    Voice over script (PDF file)

Publicity Poster

A poster on clean election message is produced for display and publicity in different locations in the territory.

Publicity Poster [Click to enlarge]
Educational Filmlets

A series of short videos on "Upholding Clean Elections" brings out the important points-to-note at elections in a lively manner to candidates, election helpers and electors.

Online Videos (in Chinese only)

Together with “Plastic Thing” and “POPA Channel”, the ICAC has launched two online videos to bring out the importance of clean election in a lively manner and enlist support from various segments of the public.