Advertisements and Videos

TV and Radio Advertisements

TV and radio advertisements with the theme of "Uphold Our Vision. Support Clean Elections." for enlisting electors' support to uphold a clean election culture.

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English version    Voice over script (PDF file)

Publicity Poster

A poster on clean election message for display in different locations in the territory.

Publicity Poster [Click to enlarge]
Educational Filmlets

A series of short videos on "Upholding Clean Elections" to bring out the important points-to-note at elections in a lively manner. Candidates, election helpers and electors are encouraged to watch the videos.

Upholding Clean Elections - Voter Registration
Voter Registration
Upholding Clean Elections - Advantages
Upholding Clean Elections - Refreshments and Entertainment
Refreshments and Entertainment
Upholding Clean Elections - Election Expenses
Election Expenses
Upholding Clean Elections - Election Advertisements
Election Advertisements
Upholding Clean Elections - False or Misleading Statements
False or Misleading Statements
Promotional Videos

Promotional videos combine rap and artificial intelligence to bring out the gist of laws in a soft manner (in Cantonese only).