Corruption on the Rampage The Victims Community Backlash Last Straw Answering the Call Decisive Action The Birth of ICAC

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In response to mounting public demand, the Government was quick to take action. Following Godber's escape on June 8, 1973, Sir Alastair Blair-Kerr, a Senior Puisne Judge, was appointed to form a Commission of Inquiry into Godber's escape. He compiled two reports. The first detailed the circumstances of Godber's escape. In his Second Report, Sir Alastair pointed out that "responsible bodies generally feel that the public will never be convinced that Government really intends to fight corruption unless the Anti-Corruption Office is separated from the Police..."

In the wake of the Blair-Kerr reports, the then Governor Sir Murray MacLehose articulated for an independent anti-corruption organisation in a speech delivered to the Legislative Council in October 1973.