The breakthrough came after months of relentless effort by the
ICAC. A former expatriate police superintendent, who was in
prison for another bribery case, expressed his willingness to
provide essential evidence relating to Godber's corrupt activities.
He said he had witnessed Godber accepting a bribe of HK$25,000
from a former Chinese superintendent for helping the latter secure
the "fat job" of superintendent in the Wan Chai Police Station.
The information was so important that the Director and Deputy Director of Operations were personally involved in collating this evidence and had a number of interviews with the superintendent in the prison. Based on that testimony, investigators immediately arrested the Chinese superintendent who allegedly paid for a bribe for his Wan Chai posting. With the assistance of the UK police, Godber was arrested on April 29, 1974. Subsequently, both the jailed expatriate superintendent and the Chinese superintendent became tainted witnesses, testifying against Godber.