Learning on the job

Another hurdle which the investigators had to overcome was the intricate technical knowledge involved in construction works. They had to learn about pile construction procedures in particular and the essentials of the various processes, including checking methods. If the investigators could not learn the ropes in time, how could they ever hope to uncover all the fraudulent tricks?

To speed up the investigation, the ICAC temporarily attached a professional construction engineer working in the Corruption Prevention Department to the Operations Department. He proved a veritable walking encyclopaedia, providing prompt professional advice on a number of highly technical piling construction issues. Within days, the investigators were absorbing new knowledge like sponges, grasping such procedures and techniques as pre-drilling, excavating pile shafts, and creating bell-outs, as well as the correct steps involved in casting concrete in place. As the press conference loomed ever nearer, it was a real race against time.


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