Vibration tests

Quite a number of core tests had been conducted on the completed piling for the first of the two buildings with satisfactory results. HD therefore agreed to the site agent's proposal that core tests for the second building should be carried out on only two piles out of the total of 18, although all 18 piles would be subject to vibration tests. This arrangement was presented as a time saving measure.

It was also an arrangement that opened the way to yet further deception. The site agent
employed a contractor to conduct vibration tests on the designated piles in late October 1998. However, a witness stated that the testing staff were deliberately steered towards piles that were in fact known to have met standards. This contractor's eventual conclusion was as follows: "The piles are proven continuous to the pile toe and are therefore regarded as being of acceptable integrity." 3

3Translated from the Legislative Council Select Committee Report on Building Problems of Public Housing Units, p. 107


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