Super Mud

The use of Super Mud to support the walls of the excavated pile shafts had not been approved by HD. Witnesses revealed that Hui Hon had stored many tubs of Super Mud on site in a large shipping container. Some were even placed quite blatantly right outside HD's site office.

Two HD works supervisors took note of these tubs, and when one of them asked Hui Hon staff about it, he was told that the materials were used for excavation. The second works supervisor also learnt from another Hui Hon staff member that the materials had been used for quite a while, and no further questions were asked.

Where Super Mud was used in the pile shafts, the water flowing from the shafts appeared unusually milky. The project assistant clerk of works of HD once questioned why this should be so, but Hui Hon staff were quick to reply that it was due to the lubricant being used in the boring machine.

Hui Hon managed to avoid anybody discovering the use of Super Mud throughout.


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