Falsifying records

An assistant engineer who worked at the Yuen Chau Kok site from 14 May to July 1998, and who was responsible for supervising construction workers and for compiling progress reports, told the ICAC that when he became aware that certain procedures were irregular, he wanted very much to resign. He was later transferred to another site, however, and remained employed by Hui Hon.

In fact, he admitted to having had no prior experience in the construction of large diameter bored piles. It was only through reading the works manual that he understood such piles had to rest on bedrock and that the temporary casings should be driven down right to the bottom of the of pile shafts. As the excavation works progressed, he realized that the temporary casings did not reach the base of the shafts. He said however that his superior (the site agent) instructed him to falsify the lengths of the temporary casings. He confirmed that all these reported lengths were false.

The assistant engineer went on to say that since the collapsed soil in the pile shafts had reduced the actual length of the pile, less concrete would be consumed. The ex-directors of Hui Hon asked him to use the surplus concrete for road paving. When he filled in the concrete records, he asked the site agent how to report the quantity of concrete used and was told to "shape the facts to fit the situation". He therefore falsified these records as well. The site agent explained that when he sought advice from the two ex-directors of Hui Hon on the same issue, they had similarly instructed him to falsify records.


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