Preventive measures

The Government was deeply concerned about the Yuen Chau Kok short piling scam, and set up an independent committee to critically review the whole issue. The committee published its report on 25 May 2000 and recommended a number of improvement measures.

The Corruption Prevention Department of the ICAC, in conjunction with HD and related Government departments, subsequently formulated corruption preventive measures to plug loopholes. These measures included:

Strengthening of works supervision:
  A works supervision plan should be formulated before the commencement of works under which professionals should be involved in monitoring major procedures and the frequency of inspections should be specified. All records relating to the works should be properly maintained.
Monitoring of works at night:
  When it proved necessary to carry out any works at night, suitable supervisory staff should be appointed to stay at the site to monitor the quality of the works.
Specifying testing procedures:
  Testing procedures, including how tests should be monitored, how frequent they should be, and the detailed nature of samples for testing, should be clearly specified. In particular, tight controls should be implemented over the extraction of samples and their secure storage and transport.
Preventing tampering with reports:
  To prevent tampering, laboratories should be requested to deliver the reports directly to the consultancy companies. Consultancy companies should conduct independent random checks to verify the reliability of tests.
Monitoring subcontractors:
  Contracts should include probity clauses covering such matters as codes of conduct and guidelines on conflicts of interest. The terms of the contracts should be so phrased as to deter main contractors and subcontractors from turning to corruption and malpractice.
Enhancing staff's awareness of corruption prevention:
  Site supervisors' understanding of the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance should be improved and their ethical standards enhanced.


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