Integrity at work

To tackle the series of short piling scams that had come to light since 1999, the ICAC set up a 45-man task force on 1 February 2000 to investigate reports of corruption involving short piles and jerry-built construction works. The aim was to seek to begin investigations as early as possible so that timely remedial measures could be taken before it was too late.

The number of corruption reports received by the ICAC concerning the construction industry dropped since 2002, from a high of 295 reports in 2001 to 114 reports in 2007. This significant drop of 61% indicates that positive progress has been made in building a culture of integrity in the construction industry.

Public support and community participation is pivotal to success in the fight against corruption. The Community Relations Department of the ICAC provides corruption prevention guidelines and education to various trades and industries to enhance their ethical standards at work. In addition, The Corruption Prevention Department provides free corruption prevention consultancy services to private sector organizations. For more details, please contact us. All information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence.


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