NG Hing
Name: NG Hing
Alias : -
Charge(s): Conspiracy to defraud, conspiracy to falsify accounts, dealing with property known or believed to represent proceeds of an indictable offence

Personal Particular

Date of Birth : 11 April 1969
Place of Birth : China
Height : Unknown
Weight : Unknown
Build : Unknown
Occupation : Financial Consultant of Gafeng Chemical (Canada) Company Limited
Scars & Marks : Unknown
Remarks : None
Hair : Black color
Eyes : Unknown
Complexion : Unknown
Sex : Male
HKIC No. : H343761(4)
Passport No. : HA5095336
Nationality : Chinese

Case Brief
NG, Financial Consultant of Gafeng Chemical (Canada) Co. Ltd. (Gafeng), is wanted on suspicion of having assisted the operator of Gafeng to obtain loans from various local banks with bogus invoices purporting that Gafeng had transactions with a company under NG’s control between 2007 and 2008. NG dealt with over $12 million out of the loan proceeds received from the banks. Besides, NG and the said operator had falsified the accounting records of Gafeng in order to apply for listing of Gafeng on the then American Stock Exchange of the United States. NG left Hong Kong in 2009 and his whereabouts is now unknown.
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