LI Songxiao
Name: LI Songxiao
Alias : -
Charge(s): Conspiracy to defraud

Personal Particular

Date of Birth : 14 Aug 1965
Place of Birth : China
Occupation : Former Chairman of Neo-China Land Group (Holdings) Limited
Hair : Black
Complexion : Yellow
Sex : Male
HKIC No. : P709108(0)
PRC ID No. : 110106196507180917
Exit-Entry Permit for Traveling to and from Hong Kong and Macau No. : H0436733500
Nationality : Chinese

Case Brief
LI Songxiao, former Chairman of Neo-China Land Group (Holdings) Limited (NCG), CHE Hanshu and ZHANG Yaohui, both former Executive Directors of NCG, are wanted by the ICAC on suspicion of conspiring to make various fraudulent property transactions between NCG and some BVI companies, for the purposes of artificially inflating the profit and assets of NCG. This caused false representations to be made in the public announcements, circulars and annual reports of NCG between 2003 and 2007.
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