TSUI Ying-kit
Name: TSUI Ying-kit
Alias : -
Charge(s): Conspiracy for an agent to accept advantages, contrary to S.9(1) of the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance and S.159A of the Crimes Ordinance

Personal Particular

Date of Birth : 9 September 1980
Place of Birth : Hong Kong
Height :175 CM
Weight : -
Build : -
Occupation : Former customer services officer of Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd
Scars & Marks : Scars on left shoulder and arm
Remarks : None
Hair : Black
Eyes : Brown
Complexion : Yellow
Sex : Male
HKIC No. : Z290156(1)
Home Visit Permit No.: H0114612600
Passport No. : HA1666837
Nationality : Chinese

Case Brief
TSUI, a former customer services officer of the Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd (CPAL), is wanted for having corruptly conspired with CHOW Kwok-keung (CHOW), operator of New Way Travel Ltd, and others to accept advantages in return for TSUI’s assistance in ensuring travelers arranged by CHOW or his associates could successfully check in for their flights and informing CHOW or his associates of any relevant security information obtained from CPAL’s computer system. TSUI failed to report ICAC bail on 23 Oct 2009 and a warrant was issued by the Magistrate’s Court for his arrest.
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