LU Dayong
Name: LU Dayong
Alias : -
Charge(s): Conspiracy for an agent to accept advantages
Conspiracy to defraud

Personal Particular

Date of Birth : 23 August 1947
Place of Birth : China
Height : 5' 11"
Weight : 180 lbs
Occupation : Former Chairman of Nanyang
Brothers Tabacco Company Limited
Scars & Marks : Unknown
Remarks : Wears spectacles
Hair : Brown with grey hair
Eyes : Dark brown
Complexion : Yellow
Sex : Male
HKIC No. : P469466(3)
Race : Chinese
Nationality : Chinese

Case Brief
LU, the former Chairman of Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Company Limited, is wanted for failing to attend trial at District Court for offences of conspiracy for an agent to accept advantages and conspiracy to defraud. LU was alleged of conspiring with others to accept advantages for continued supply of cigarettes by Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Company Limited between 2002 and 2004. LU was charged in August 2004, with two counts of conspiracy for an agent to accept advantages and one count of conspiracy to defraud. On 10 June 2008, a warrant was issued by the Judge for his arrest. The trial continued with LU in absentia and in February 2009, he was found guilty and sentenced to four years six months' imprisonment.
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