Name: JIWATUWINAN Witthaya
Alias : CHAN Kai-cheung

Personal Particular

Date of Birth : August 8 1955
Place of Birth : Bangkok, Thailand
Height : Unknown
Weight : Unknown
Build : Unknown
Occupation : Company Director of
Cheun Thai International
Development Limited
Scars and Marks : Unknown
Remarks: None
Hair : Black
Eyes : Brown
Complexion : Unknown
Sex : Male
HKIC: P404917(2)
Race: Chinese
Nationality: Thai
Thailand Passport No. D091833 and A215706

Case Brief
JIWATUWINAN is wanted on suspicion of having corruptly conspired with LI Rui-hua, an Assistant General Manager of Guangnan. (Holdings) Ltd.(Guangnan) (also wanted by the ICAC) and others to defraud Guangnan. Between 1997 and 1998, JIWATUWINAN and the conspirators applied and utilized Letters of Credit facilities from various banks by providing false supporting documents without genuine underlying commercial transactions. The alleged fraud caused Guangnan to suffer liabilities to a total amount of HK$430 million.
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