LAI Yu-hong
Name: LAI Yu-hong
Alias : -
Charge(s): Conspiracy to defraud

Personal Particular

Date of Birth : November 11 1972
Place of Birth : China
Height : 1.68M (5'6")
Weight : Unknown
Build : Medium
Occupation : Company Director of Commercial Power
Investment Limited
Scars & Marks : Unknown
Remarks : None
Hair : Black
Eyes : Brown
Complexion : Fair
Sex : Male
HKIC : P414713(1)
Race : Chinese
Nationality : Chinese

Case Brief
LAI is wanted on suspicion of having corruptly conspired with his father, LI Runquan, and LI Yucheng, both directors of Ultragrace Ltd., CHAN Wai-lam, a director of Commercial Power Investment Ltd. (all are wanted by ICAC), and others to defraud the Bank of China, the Bank of Communications, the Kwangtung Provincial Bank and the Kincheng Banking Corporation. They had, between 1997 and 1998, allegedly used false supporting documents to apply for letter of credit (L/C) facilities from the said four banks and had caused the banks to issue 16 L/C to a total value of HK$51 million.
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