PANG Kwok-cheun
Name: PANG Kwok-cheun
Alias : -
Charge(s): FORGERY

Personal Particular

Date of Birth : March 12 1955
Place of Birth : Hong Kong
Height : 1.70 M (5'7")
Weight : 72 Kg. (158lbs)
Build : Medium
Occupation : Merchant
Scars Marks : Unknown
Remarks : None
Hair : Black
Eyes : Brown
Complex : Fair
Sex : Male
HKIC: E803311(4)
Race: Chinese
Nationality: Chinese

Case Brief
PANG is wanted for possession of a forged US$1 million cashier's order purporting to have been issued by the Bank of America. He was arrested on 18 March 1999 when attempting to sell a valuable bank document, which he claimed was obtained by corrupt means and was good for making payment outside Hong Kong. A bank cashier's order, found in his possession, was confirmed to be a forged one. He absconded bail on 17 April 1999.
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