Man jailed for three years for bribery over public park construction after absconding for 25 years


A former employee of a sub-contractor of a public park construction project, who had absconded for over 25 years after being charged by the ICAC in late 1994, was today (March 22) sentenced to three years’ imprisonment after admitting at the District Court that he had offered bribes totalling $67,000 to two government officers over lax supervision.

Ng Yip-wan, 93, former site agent of now-defunct Siffa Engineering Limited (Siffa), pleaded guilty to seven counts of offering an advantage to a public servant, contrary to Section 4(1)(a) of the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance. Two counts of conspiracy to offer an advantage to a public servant against the defendant were left on file at the District Court.

In passing the sentence, Judge Mr Isaac Tam Sze-lok said the community had the expectation that corruption be stamped out and one case of such crime would be too much. Hence, a deterrent custodial sentence was inevitable.

The defendant was charged by the ICAC with the above offences in November 1994. After he failed to appear at the District Court for trial on September 11, 1995, a warrant for his arrest was issued. He was arrested by ICAC officers and brought to the court in April 2021 after returning to Hong Kong from the Mainland.
The court heard that at the material time, then Territory Development Department (TDD) - which merged with then Civil Engineering Department to become the Civil Engineering and Development Department in 2004 - was responsible for the overall management of the Tsing Yi Park construction project.

In August 1993, Siffa entered into two sub-contracts with the project’s main contractor to undertake the construction and site management works of the Tsing Yi Park. The defendant was a site agent of Siffa responsible for overseeing the works of Siffa at the construction site.

An Inspector of Works and a Works Supervisor of the TDD were responsible for inspecting the works carried out by Siffa at the construction site, and performing tests on the materials used by Siffa in accordance with the relevant specifications and requirements.

In early February 1994, the TDD Inspector of Works solicited bribe payments from the defendant in return for not questioning the standard and quality of the works carried out by Siffa at the Tsing Yi Park construction site. Between February and July 1994, the defendant paid a monthly bribe of $10,000, totalling $60,000, to the TDD Inspector of Works.

In May 1994, the TDD Works Supervisor found that part of the works conducted by Siffa were not up to standard but the TDD Inspector of Works had taken a lax attitude towards the situation.

Subsequently on September 1, 1994, the defendant handed over $7,000 in cash to the TDD Works Supervisor in return for the latter to carry out lax inspections of the works of Siffa at the Tsing Yi Park construction site. The defendant was arrested by ICAC officers on the same day.

The TDD had rendered full assistance to the ICAC during its investigation into the case.

The prosecution was today represented by Senior Public Prosecutor Antony Leung, assisted by ICAC officer Michelle Leung.
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