Chief Technical Officer and subcontractor of HyD charged with bribery


A Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and a subcontractor of the Highways Department (HyD) have been charged by the ICAC today (October 16) with respectively accepting and offering a bribe of $50,000 in relation to maintenance works.

D1, 59, CTO of the HyD, faces one count of public servant accepting an advantage, contrary to Section 4(2)(a) of the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance (POBO).

D2, 57, director-cum-shareholder of Company A and Company B, faces one count of offering an advantage to a public servant, contrary to Section 4(1)(a) of the POBO.

The defendants will appear at the Kwun Tong Magistracy for plea on Wednesday (October 18).

At the material time, D1 was a CTO of the HyD posted to its Structures Maintenance Section of Urban Region. He was responsible for supervising and monitoring the maintenance works of public roads, slopes, highways and highways structures in Kwun Tong District, including the recommendation and approval of maintenance works orders.

D2 was the director-cum-shareholder of Company A and Company B, which were subcontracted by a term contractor of the HyD to provide labour and materials for the road works in Kwun Tong District. The term contractor also appointed him as a site agent to oversee those road works sites.

One of the charges alleges that on or about September 8, 2015, D1, without lawful authority or reasonable excuse, accepted a sum of $50,000 from D2 as a reward for D1 being or remaining favourably disposed to the term contractor, Company A and Company B.

The other charge alleges that on the same day, D2, without lawful authority or reasonable excuse, offered the above sum of money to D1 for the same purpose.

The HyD has rendered full assistance to the ICAC during its investigation.

The defendants have been released on ICAC bail, pending their court appearance on Wednesday.
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